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This site is being developed for use by local teachers, students, and local communities. Over time content will be developed and posted with the influence of all of the sites users.
This section of the site will be for a portal to a Learning Management System (LMS), powered by Canvas.
The course on how to use Canvas to create an online course is ready for public beta testing. Follow this link to enroll in the course: Click here to enroll
With this course on how to create and use a Canvas course you will learn how to create sharable content, the student side of Canvas, the teacher side of Canvas, and how to be self-dependent when developing your Canvas courses.
***In order to build better materials/courses please email me any comments you may have on how to improve my materials. Thanks. Email: heathjgood@gmail.com ***
Use the links on the right hand side of the page to assist you with any of your Canvas needs.
• Below are some helpful links that will show you what Canvas is, what all it can do, and how it can be useful for your classroom.
• Go to the homepage of Canvas and watch the short video for a better idea on what Canvas is all about.
• Want to go ahead and try out Canvas? Visit this link to sign up for a free account. If you get stuck on something you can always come back to take the Canvas course.
• IF you need help with any part of Canvas there is are some great resources provided by Instructure.
-Getting Started
-Help for Students
-Help for Teachers
-Various Video Tutorials
• I personally recommend creating a course separate from your other Canvas courses to test different features and once you have mastered them then apply what you've done to your other course.

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