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This site is being developed for use by local teachers, students, and local communities. Over time content will be developed and posted with the influence of all of the sites users.
This section of this page will be for OotC Learning Center news items. This section of the site will contain a variety of learning resources. OotC is being developed as a portal to educational resources. Resources for a any grade level, including higher education and the workplace, will be linked to this site giving you a more centralized location to find what you need.
There is an unimaginable amount of educational content on the Internet. With this site we, as in you and me, will develop a better way of locating all of the content people are always looking for. To help keep this portal fast and effiecent most of the resources posted here will actually be stored on other sites.
This site is continually being developed and by the end of this summer there will be a way for you to submit educational content.
Quickly look to the right! See that? Good. As of right now there are links to Wikis that are currently being developed for different eductional purposes. Right now there is not much on them. Either check back later or when we get our educational resources submission platform running you can help contribute.
Please enjoy this fake Latin while you wait for more news: Duis lorem enim, aliquet vel imperdiet ac, iaculis quis tortor. In at erat magna, a consectetur nibh. Nullam nisi nulla, hendrerit rhoncus tempus elementum, hendrerit id nibh.
• Below are links to differet educational resource hubs.
• There are some excellent tools for education already out there and that are free to use. OotC will be using multiple WikiSpaces for hubs to educational content.
This link will take you to the main WikiSpace hub.
• Individual WikiSpace hubs include:
OotC Main Hub
OotC P-12
OotC College
OotC Workplace
• Other OotC resources will be posted here as they are developed.
• While you are waiting please enjoy what YouTube has to offer. A lot of educational videos are available on YouTube. Just search for a topic and see what is out there.

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